The Letter

Dear Chaku,

Riddhi… I have always liked your name, from the very first day. I can see your expression after this : “tame to mane kidhu j nai “. Love is like sukhdi chaku.. dhime dhime bane to vadhare maja ave. Instant vadu kadak thai jaye, tane to khabar j chhe 😛

So we are going to get married. Finally. I am feeling scared and excited at the same time. I know you are also feeling the same. But you know this will be the best phase of our lives. I really want you to enjoy it. after some years, we will want to relive these memories. So why not make them precious? Ane faltu na tension levanu bandh kari de. I will handle everything. Dont worry.

Ane hu kaal thi gym jais pakku :P.

Pakauingly Yours,